Seaweed, an algae grown in Mother Sea, is a precious gift given from the sea to humans

Our company originated from "Daechang Store" established in 1979. then, in 1988 we changed our company name into "Daechang Food".

Our business motto is "honor and integrity". For over 30 years, "Daechang Joseon Seaweed" has been consistent with our customers' needs. Our products are delicious with a meal or alone as a light snack. Our hard working employees are like family and our loyal customers who enjoy our products are considered as our honored guests.

Our varied products are currently exported to Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, The United States, Singapore, and Thailand. Our world wide market continue to grow. Domestically, we sell our products through retail stores and whole sale distributers. Our research department has consistently used customer feed back to develop new and flavorful products to satisfy varying global tastes.

In the process of creating delicious products our company received many certificates and international awards for superior product quality the industry. On the 40th Day of Trade 2003, Deachang Foods received a prestigious award honoring the exports of US$ 1 million in seaweed products alone. In addition, on the 46th Day of Trade 2009, Deachang Food received an award for the milestone exports of US$ 3 million. Also in 2009, we were selected by Gwangju, Jeollanam-do Regional Small and Medium Business Administration as the most “Promising Small and Medium Exporting Enterprise”. On the 49th Day of Trade 2012, Daechang Food received an award honoring the exports of US$ 5 million. These awards have forced us to create new and varied products for our ever-expanding world market.