Dachang Dolgim Seaweed

Dolgim Seaweed

Dolgim Seaweed
Product name Dolgim Seaweed
Capacity(Size) 20g (original sized laver)
Ingredients Seaweed, Corn oil, Perilla oil, Salt & Sesame oil
Packing materials Polypropylene
Expiry date Best if used by date on package - date printed on the front-top side of package
Preservation Avoid humid environments as well as direct sunlight. Store product(s) in cool environments. Then, you can enjoy the product(s)'s fresh taste for a long time.
Quantity per box 30 packs/box
Product characteristic We take seaweed from Shinan beach, Mokpo and keep frozen the seaweed at -25℃. Then, we roast it in far infrared ray heater. You can feel the very taste of homemade roasted seaweed.